Why does it take 2 weeks to receive my product? Faire Collection's Ecuador collection is available for purchase here on our website, and we ship the product direct from our Ecuadorian workshop.  Straight from the artisans hands to yours!  However, this does require a little extra time.  We also give you FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER (!!) but that just means it takes a little longer to arrive.  If you have thoughts on this policy please let us know at info@shopfaire.com. We're always open to adjusting how we work! Can I return items? Because we ship from Ecuador, it's not really feasible to return items.  However, if something is broken or of poor quality (as if!) then we'd be happy to consider a refund.  We want you to always be happy with your purchase! How do Faire products enhance the well-being of artisans? Faire Collection provides steady and lucrative employment for communities in need. However, providing reliable income is only the first step to emerging from poverty. Deep-rooted poverty has detrimental effects that an increase in income alone will not ameliorate. To address the complexities of generational poverty, Faire has developed a holistic poverty reduction model that nurtures the development of productive skills, promotes family health and education, and increases income levels. Through this innovative approach, Faire Collection provides a path out of poverty.  Read more about our social impact here.   How is the Faire Collection supply chain structured? Faire Collection has developed a unique and efficient supply chain that is not only socially and environmentally responsible but is able to produce artisan-made products at scale. As a first step, Faire Collection and its artisan partners source natural materials from local suppliers. Rainforest seeds are supplied from Ecuadorian lowlands and the Amazon region, while alpaca fiber comes from the highlands in Peru and bullhorn is sourced from just outside Hanoi in Vietnam. Faire Collection has policies in place to ensure that all natural materials are harvested and processed in an eco-friendly manner and meet the highest quality standards. The accessory designs are created by Faire Collection’s in-house design team. Faire’s accessories infuse the cultural heritage of the country of origin as well as the style influences of New York City. Faire’s accessories are meticulously handcrafted by its artisan partners. Each piece goes through stringent quality control procedures.   Once the products are labeled and packaged, they are shipped directly to our customers all over the world. What is the environmental impact of Faire’s products? Faire Collection works with several kinds of natural materials that are sustainably sourced from all over the world. When harvesting seeds from the rainforests and lowlands of Ecuador, trees are not harmed and the commercialization of these seeds helps to ensure the survival of the world’s rainforests by providing an alternative income for its inhabitants in place of logging or selling their land to destructive industries. Also, Faire makes sure that high-standard eco friendly practices are being used in course of the processing and dyeing of such seeds.  We responsibly use synthetic Italian dyes when working with seeds. In Vietnam, Faire’s artisan partners create fair trade jewelry by upcycling bullhorn, diverting this versatile natural material from Vietnam’s landfills.   Why the name Faire Collection? Faire Collection represents our commitment to fair trade. Faire in French also means “to make”, reflecting our commitment to artisan-made products. Plus we think it sounds pretty!