Scholarship Program

Donate Here ScholarshipsIn Ecuador, Faire Collection has been implementing a scholarship program for four years.  This program is available to Faire Collection artisans, their families and select members of the extended community. These scholarships include academic scholarships to high school, university, as well as vocational fair trade training programs. Vocational training programs are key in bringing more economic diversity to the communities and encourage the development of the artistic crafts along with other skill sets. In order for a community to develop sustainably, a wide variety of economic activities should be supported and promoted. While Faire Collection’s most immediate contribution is supporting specific artisan workshops, our deeper aim is to help the artisans develop into contributing members of society. We are thrilled to help them find their path, whether they choose to remain artisans or pursue another career. Based on the success of our program in Ecuador and the great need we see in Vietnam, Faire is planning to bring a scholarship program to Vietnam next year. How to sponsor a scholarship: Andean Project, the Faire Collection’s non-profit arm, accepts donations if you would like to provide a scholarship for a student. Approximately $300 per year can defer most of the costs of secondary education, but you can donate any amount you would like. Please email or send a check to: Andean Project 190 N. 14th St. Suite 202 Brooklyn, NY 11249 OR Donate Here Read more about our workshops to hear some of the individual stories of how scholarships have impacted the lives of the artisans.