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At Faire, we pride ourselves on being a reliable manufacturing partner for many of the largest retailers in the United States, as well as for independent brands and designers.  Our team of experts will work with you to get the collection you need, when you need it. From the creative design process, to the meticulous and fair trade production, our team of experts will deliver bespoke colors and styles to perfectly reflect your brand.


Our established centralized production system allows us to meet all social compliance regulations. We have two centralized workshops – one in Vietnam and one in Ecuador. As a corporate partner, you may request for your production to remain centralized, or utilize our broader network of cottage industry artisans. Both Faire Workshops are audited on a continuous basis and adhere to the highest labor standards.


All products are handmade and pass through seven stages of quality assurance to ensure only the best quality product reaches your customers.


Opt for our pre-designed styles, customize styles or let us design your own collection on spec.


Complete transparency on the supply chain, from our artisan workshops to you.


Our centralized workshops and extended artisan network is set up to meet your timelines and your market demands.


15,000 pieces per month in centralized production or 30,000 per month through our artisan networks.


We carry out annual audits of our two centralized production facilities and are happy to adhere to any audit requirements you may have.

Design with Ease

Our team of expert designers will work directly with your buyers or internal design team to modify pieces from our extensive catalog to make them your own, or create an entirely new collection for you, based on your trend boards & seasonal colors. We can dye jewelry from our Ecuadorian collection to match any pantone, and in horn, we work with your merchants to set a narrow range of colors so that you know your samples will match production.


We work with artisans in Ecuador and Vietnam to find the very best quality materials for our collections, all of which are sourced with care. It is incredibly important to us to ensure our work is sustainable and environmentally sound.

The use of laser cutting techniques in our workshops allows us to offer an even greater level of customization, from specific and intricate designs, to logos and corporative gift options.


500 units for fully customized designs, 100 units for design alterations or custom colors.


12-8 weeks for all new orders, 4-8 weeks for re-orders.


The original inspiration for Faire Collection came from Ecuador, an incredibly biodiverse country, with enormous rainforests and home to many little-known seeds and nuts, which form the basis of our Ecuador jewelry collection. In Vietnam, we work with up-cycled horn, brass and wood, which are all handcrafted in our fair trade workshops. We work together with our artisans to find the very best quality materials for our collections, all of which are sourced with care. It is incredibly important to us to ensure our work is sustainable and environmentally sound.

Harvesting the seeds of the rainforest is part of a natural, sustainable cycle. By working with communities and building a profitable alternative to logging or farming in the rainforset, we can help protect traditional ways of life, as well as the environments which our artisans have lived in for generations.


Tagua is a beautiful, smooth seed found in pods which emerge from the trunk of the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm. When ripe, the pods are either harvested from the trees or fall to the ground where they can be collected from the forest floor. The nuts are then dried naturally in the sun for several months. Once the dark shell is removed, a beautiful, hard ivory-like seed emerges, ready for our artisans to carve.

Coconuts have been used to make jewelry for generations in the rainforests and coastal areas of South America. The shell is lightweight and soft, and its natural properties add beautiful, warm tones of light and dark brown to our jewelry.

The Pambil seed is found on a tall South American palm which reaches heights of 70 feet and forms part of the canopy of the rainforest. The wood is often used to build houses and the leaves make great thatched roofs. The fruit of this tree contains a small seed which we use in our jewelry collections.

Açaí palm tree palms are found in the swamps and floodplains of the South American rainforest and are best known for the fruit they produce. These small purple berries are harvested by hand, high above the ground by traditional forest farmers. Inside the fruit is a seed and once dried and polished, the seeds of the açaí berries, create some of the most exquisite, natural beads.

Each brass element can take up to a day to perfect, with every part of the cutting and polishing process being done by hand. By combining brass with natural elements such tagua or horn, our artisan designers create a contrasting elegance, resulting in a beautifully modern interpretation of a traditional artisan craft.

Wood offers a striking yet natural contrast to other materials in our collection. Ecuador and Vietnam are well known for their exceptional wood carving and our artisans use both traditional carving methods and modern laser cutting techniques, respecting traditions and adding a modern-day interpretation. Through its alluring pallet of colors, wood brings a natural richness to our jewelry.

We use up-cycled bull horn to create incredibly textural designs to sit beautifully with our handmade brass. By applying heat and water, our artisans are able to cut and mold the up-cycled bullhorn. The horn is repurposed from the food industry and would otherwise go to waste. With its natural color variations offering combinations from white to black, and warm caramel to soft gray, we specialize in creating distinctive matte and sophisticated polished up-cycled pieces.

Traditionally both the bull horn in Vietnam and tagua in Ecuador are cut using craft saws and handheld carving tools. Laser cutting techniques have increased the intricacies of our work, allowing us to create stunningly detailed shapes and more complex designs. It also offers a greater degree of standardisation and a higher level of precision, giving us the freedom to enhance our collection in an innovative way.


Get started today on your personalized journey with Faire and become part of a fairer story. For more information please contact info@shopfaire.com, we would love to hear from you.