Stories & Projects



We travel the world to promote the undiscovered talents of remote artisans.  These life-changing journeys are always awe-inspiring and create an insightful perspective on how we relate to this world. They form our purpose. Here we share with you a few stories and special projects from the field that have shaped Faire’s mission and beliefs.

Our lives are a compilation of the millions of stories we live.  I’ll know I’ve led a good life if I’m proud to tell them all. – Amanda Judge, CEO & Founder.

Story of your necklace This story follows our CEO, Amanda Judge through the Amazon's cascading waterfalls and into community gardens, as she discovers the new artisans that now create our Amazon line.  This video and photo essay is meant to be shared.  Read on Exposure.         The Women of Faire This inspiring photo essay collects the dreams of hopes of a selection of our women artisans. Read on Exposure.