Binh will instantly light up the workshop with his big smile and even bigger heart. As our workshop leader, he takes great pride in creating an enjoyable and stable workplace for the artisans. Watching the workshop grow from its humble beginnings to a bustling, thriving community, Binh has delighted in overseeing the growth and development of both the workshop and the artisans.

Working with Faire has turned Binh’s world around. Having spent a year living homeless on the streets of Hanoi, far from any support network, he struggled to send money back to his family. Sadly, a lack of employment opportunities in his village led to his family separating and all of them living in poverty.

Crafting horn is not something everyone can do; this tradition has given me a chance. It’s good for the workers who work here, and we can give a future to our workers and our village.

– Binh