Our Story

Designed in New York and brought to life by the hands of our fair trade artisans, Faire Collection is a fresh interpretation of artisanal craftsmanship.

With the spirit and passion of our makers captured in our designs, we are excited to bring you our jewelry collection that is handcrafted in Ecuador and Vietnam. Both collections highlight each countries luxe natural materials such as tagua, upcycled bull horn and sustainable wood.

As a social enterprise, Faire Collection is deeply committed to elevating the lives of our artisans by providing dignified wages, hardship grants, and robust employee benefits that provide a path out of poverty.


In 2008, I started Faire Collection as a way to provide a path out of poverty to artisans living in rural Ecuador, and a few years later we expanded into northeastern Vietnam. I am proud to say that we have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.

The changes I have witnessed in the last decade are simply remarkable. In cultures where women often have few opportunities outside of the home, I have seen mothers become the family breadwinner, empowering women to new heights.

These same women have full health insurance, flexible family leave, paid lunches and more. Most importantly, their children are well fed, in school (often with the support of the Faire Trade Fund) and are flourishing. For me, the most profound change has been in the dreams of this next generation. Sons and daughters in our community want to become doctors, botanists and computer technicians… and they now have the realistic hope that their dreams can become reality. With one life to live, I intend to make the most of it and invite you to do the same. Thank you for supporting Faire Collection.

– Amanda Judge
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Ending the Poverty Cycle

Faire Collection is a social enterprise that empowers artisans by creating positive social change in disadvantaged communities. We reinvest in the communities where we work in order to break the cycle poverty.

We are deeply committed to elevating the lives of artisans by providing dignified wages and holistic social programs, such as scholarships, training programs and interest-free loans, benefiting not only our artisans and their families, but also strengthening the community and future generations.

Our Founder

Founder and CEO of Faire Collection, Amanda, is a socially minded entrepreneur with a flair for design, and a passion to make the world a fairer place. Inspired by a desire to learn more about poverty reduction strategies in Latin America, Amanda left a career in finance to pursue a MA in Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

As part of her master’s thesis, Amanda traveled to Ecuador and interviewed artisans struggling to make ends meet as a result of limited market access. By opening up access to the international market along with the necessary education and training, Amanda was able to provide business opportunities, rather than charity.

Amanda came back from Ecuador with a suitcase full of jewelry and set out to change the image of fair trade, by creating a collection that was inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture, along with the textures of the artisans’ rich cultural heritage. This is the new luxury – jewelry that preserves traditional crafts and changes the lives of its makers forever.