As the sun rises, so does Duong. Hopping on her motorbike and heading towards the Faire workshop, life is good. Duong has three children and, thanks to her employment, the future is looking bright for her family. But things have not always been this way. Growing up in her small village, she had limited opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty. As a girl, her education finished early at the age of twelve and as a result, she spent time learning the traditional craft of horn making from her parents.

Due to the lack of a steady income, Duong and her family struggled and carried a burden of worry. That was, until Duong began working with Faire. Through Faire’s social fund, Duong was supported and the cost of her children’s education was covered to ensure they could enjoy their education in a way Duong was unable to. The Faire workshop was able to offer Duong a permanent job and a steady income, enabling her to work around her family life and commitments. For Duong and her family, stable employment has opened the doors to a life without poverty and laid the foundations for them to define their own future.

I only finished at elementary school, so I stopped studying at age 12, which didn’t give me many opportunities. I want to give my children the best education, so they have more opportunities than I did.

– Duong