Since joining Faire eight years ago, artisan Lourdes has built strong bonds within the Faire community. Inspired by each other’s craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, these women have created a supportive and safe environment where each of them feel valued and respected. After losing her husband, Lourdes found herself single-handedly supporting her daughter, who needed life-saving surgery. When faced with the impossible task of funding her daughter’s healthcare, Lourdes was able to turn to her community at Faire for emotional support. In a time of crisis, Lourdes felt supported and safe as she knew the long-term commitment to Faire’s employees meant that she could avoid what could quickly have become an inescapable spiral further into poverty. Lourdes is delighted to have the opportunity to continue to support her family with a job that offers her the flexibility and support she needs when she needs it.

I feel safe in this job and I really appreciate the support I get.