Since joining Faire in 2014, artisan Lourdes has built strong bonds within the Faire community. Inspired by each other’s craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, she has created a supportive and safe environment where she feels valued and respected. After losing her husband, Lourdes found herself single-handedly supporting her daughter, who needed life-saving surgery. When faced with the impossible task of funding her daughter’s healthcare, Lourdes was able to turn to her community at Faire for emotional support. In a time of crisis, Lourdes felt supported and safe as she knew the long-term commitment to Faire’s employees meant that she could avoid what could quickly have become an inescapable spiral further into poverty. Lourdes is delighted to have the opportunity to continue to support her family with a job that offers her the flexibility and support she needs when she needs it.

I feel safe in this job and I really appreciate the support I get.

– Lourdes

A Day in the Life of Lourdes

I am María Lourdes, I am 33 years old and I have worked (as an artisan) for 6 years. I have 3 daughters and 2 sons, most of them are still young. They are studying in elementary school.

I get up early, prepare breakfast for my sons and daughters and send them to school, then I go to work; that's how it was before the pandemic. Currently they are studying at home, and I only go out 2 to 3 days a week to work in the office, but now we only work part time, so at 1 pm we already return home.

Well, for my part I spend affectionate and dedicated to my work to what my boss asks me to do. I like to try to finish my work well and meet the goals stated by the boss and my colleagues. I like to do many different things and learn to do new techniques in the designs when we do the samples.

As for the pandemic, it is quite dangerous and risky for me because I have to leave my house to work. And I am afraid that when I travel on the route to my work I will be exposed to contagion.

I am very sorry for this situation, both as it affects my home and my work. (Because there are not as many orders) makes me lack the money to buy food for my family and also to be able to pay for services, as now my sons and daughters study at home I have to pay for the internet so that they can fulfill their homework and also pay my debts.

With the lack of orders and work, we are also exposed to losing our jobs and I feel bad knowing that my family depends on me and I depend on my work.

We all hope that this situation improves soon and that we can return to work normally to support our families.

Thank you.