Maria is one of our longest serving artisans, first bringing her authentic craftsmanship to Faire in 2012. The workshop wouldn’t be what it is today without her passion and enthusiasm. As a result of her character and work ethic, Maria is now able to enjoy being part of a network of strong women in her community who support each other, as they each use their unique talents to support their families. With family at the heart of everything she does, Maria has been able to provide for her five children, one of whom has a significant developmental disability and requires around the clock care from Maria and her family, safe in the knowledge that she has a stable, long-term job. The stability offered by her job not only gives her family security, but joy.

When I see my daughter smiling and my sons enjoying their dinner, my heart fills with joy, and all my work is worth it.

– Maria

A Day in the Life of Maria

My name is María I am 51 years old I have 5 children of which I have 2 married, 2 studying and I have 1 daughter with a disability (Cerebral Palsy). She is 32 years old.

I get up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast and lunch for my whole family. Then I wash my daughter's clothes. I also take care of my mother, she is 88 years old, so after cooking I clean her room and help her clean up too.

Then I'm going to give my daughter the medication, I also do the cleaning of her room and of her too. Then we all have breakfast together. I give my baby breakfast and I run to bathe to go to work to meet my coworkers. I go to work at 9 a.m. and leave at 1 p.m.

We return home early before 2 pm, I finish cooking and I give my daughter her medicine and in the afternoon, I do her therapy. I also take care of my mother. We all have a snack at 7pm, I give both my mother and daughter the medicine at 10pm and then we all go to rest.

At work I love everything, I say everything because I like to do everything, I don't have any specific activity that I like more because every day I learn new and different things. I have been working in this company for a long time. I thank Faire Collection for giving me the opportunity to work in this company.

I also like to chat with my co-workers. We talk about everything a bit; we make jokes and try to forget our problems in our homes.

My daughter is disabled and she takes 2 types of medicine every day and that costs me a lot and I am grateful for my job at Faire Collection so I am able to provide for her.