For many women in Ecuador, employment opportunities are often prescribed, limited and unreliable. For Maricela, this was the uncertainty she faced. As a single mother who lives with and supports both her parents and five children, life could often feel like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, Maricela sought the opportunity for fair employment and a way to support her family. This is when her journey at Faire began. Now able to spend more time with her family, Maricela enjoys showcasing her talents through her flexible employment without worry and uncertainty.

My job gives me the chance to spend more time with my children, and I can support their education better.

– Maricela

Some of Maricela's Favorite Pieces to Make

A Day in the Life of Maricela

My name is Maricela Díaz I am 46 years old and I am a single mom with 5 children. I have been working as an artisan for 9 years. At the beginning I worked part-time but as we got bigger, I was enrolled in the IESS health insurance and I became a formal employee. Very exciting!

My day to day is quite basic, I get up very early to prepare breakfast for my children, then I bathe and get ready to go to work.

What I like to do the most in my work is to make each piece, whether it be a sample or production that the company requires. I am very happy to know that our designs are appreciated and valued by other women in the world, this also fills me with great pride.

The pandemic or COVID 19 has affected the whole world, economically, socially and personally. Because we have less orders, we sometimes can only work part-time, which has affected me a lot since I am the head of the household. But I also know that this is not eternal, it will soon end, and we will recover.

Seeing this from the good side, we have all learned to value what we have, such as our family. We have all learned to reflect, since we never used to think of living in this type of pandemic life.

Isolation for our children is quite stressful. At least we have gone to work obviously taking the safety measures that the company asks of us.

God willing this will soon be over and we will embrace our loved ones again and everything will return to normal.