May is a devoted family man and providing for those closest to him is his priority. For over twenty years, May has worked with horn, which is his family’s traditional craft, to produce beautiful jewelry. His family rely heavily on him and he has a son with special needs to support. At times, May has felt the weight of the world on his shoulders as, despite his expertise and exquisite craftsmanship, work has not always been consistent. Periods of unstable employment, working without fixed hours or holiday pay, and low wages became the norm. With the added financial strain that disability can bring, the welfare of his whole family was suffering.

Fortunately, May is now enjoying stability and the predictable income he needed to plan his son’s health care as a result of working with Faire. May has seen great improvements in his son’s health and a better quality of life for his family.

I feel relieved and assured and feel my son is safe when I am at work. Now his mental health has improved, he is much, much better than before since doctors treated him.

– May


A Day in the Life of May

I live in Thuy Ung village. I have been making handicrafts for 30 years, and have been working in the workshop for 5 years. My job is to polish the horn so it can be assembled. Because of this job, that I can feed my wife and children.

My working day includes:

At 6 am I wake up to do exercise, after I get home my wife and kids have finished preparing breakfast. I eat breakfast and leave the house at 7:20 am to go to work.

Every day I come to the workshop and I do the work assigned by the director. I work on samples such as preparing horn and I choose the horn color to match the sample in the order.

In the process of working for me, all the stages I like, with the patience and meticulousness of me to be able to create the best products for consumers.

11:30am end of work in the morning I go home for lunch and rest 1:30 start work of the afternoon and finish at 5:30

Before the pandemic happened, I and everyone in the factory had a stable job with a monthly income to support their family.

The pandemic not only affects me but also everyone in my workshop and workers all over the world, outbreaks lead to fewer orders, and we won't have jobs to do. Our income will decrease, at this point when we have to go through a period of crisis, the family will be economically more difficult.

We also thank our shoppers because thanks to them we can create beautiful, trendy products in the world while also helping us to have jobs to earn more. And I will have Income to care for her family.