Nhung is a mother of four children and lives in rural Vietnam. Like many families living in rural Vietnam, she had a low income and the cost of educating her children was a huge strain. Providing uniforms, paying for reading materials, and transportation to school can be a barrier to education for many children. Nhung was determined that things would be different for her children. She is working hard to provide an education for her children and to offer them opportunities she did not have.

Having learned her artisan skill from her parents, today she crafts horn in our workshop. Through her employment at Faire, she has been able to access our Faire Trade Fund, a source of additional financial support managed by the artisans. Nhung’s colleagues voted to help her with the cost of educating her four children and as a result of her hard work and dedication, Nhung and her children are lifting themselves out of poverty and can look forward to a brighter future.

Before I worked here, I didn’t have enough money for groceries, but now I can pay for my children’s schooling.