Nhu’s aspirations & dreams have, at times, felt just beyond her grasp however since she began working with the Faire workshop, things have changed. Nhu now enjoys the benefits of a stable job and a steady salary. She also benefits from health care and holiday pay as well as being able to afford to put her daughter in Kindergarten while she works.

Many women in low-income families in Vietnam are not so lucky. Unfortunately, many women work in the informal sector where exploitation is rife. Nhu has escaped this life through her employment and she now balances traditions with modernity, taking care of her family and also contributing significantly to her household income. Working in a stable job has allowed her to progress and grow, empowering her to break out of the cycle of poverty and make her dreams a reality.

I want to use my savings to open a shop, for example selling clothes or jewelry. I want to do something extra for myself, and I want to live life to the fullest now, as no-one knows what will happen in the future.

– Nhu Y


A Day in the Life of Le Nhu Y

My name is Le Nhu Y and I am 25 years old, married and I have 1 daughter.

I live in Hoa Binh Thuong Tin Hanoi

I have been working in the workshop for 4 years. My job is to assemble and pack necklaces, earrings, horn bracelets. With this job I have enough money to cover life (expenses) for the family.

My working day has the following activities:

I wake up at 5:30 am to do housework and feed my child and prepare her for class.

I left home at 7:20 am to go to work. At the workshop I do the jobs assigned by the director such as assembling the earrings that the director gave samples or to make the order.

What I like about this job is that it suits me, it's simple. I like all the products we make because with our meticulous patience we make beautiful products for others to enjoy.

At 11:30am I get off work and go home for lunch. I come back at 1:30pm to continue the afternoon work until 5:30 pm. We work an 8h work day.

The pandemic directly affected me and everyone. My hours were less and I lost a financial amount to take care of my family.

(Because of the pandemic) we have to face difficulties such as lack of orders. Sometimes we have to work part-time and even have to take time off. It will be more difficult economically because without this job I can’t support my family. But when we have orders, I thank our shoppers because we have jobs thanks to them.

What we wish is that they could quickly find the vaccine to cure the corona virus and get back to normal in the world so we have the orders and help us keep our jobs to We can improve our economies so that our children have the best lives.