Aspirational and talented, Tamia is part of the next generation of women working for Faire, she is also Sarita's sister!

At 25 years old, she lives with her parents in a small community and travels twenty minutes by bus to the workshop. Tamia is part of a thriving team of talented women who are supported and empowered through Faire and now has big dreams for the future. As a young woman, Tamia is able to craft and create beautiful products, which in turn give her a vital sense of independence and empowerment.

For me, it helps me see the value we as women have. This safe space motivates us to dream and give it all we have.

– Tamia

A Day in the Life of Tamia

Hello, my name is Tamia I am 26 years old and I live in the Panecillo community 25 minutes from Otavalo. I’ve been working for 5 years as an artisan.

I wake up at 7 in the morning to go to work. First I take a shower, then I get ready for breakfast and go to work. To leave my house, I put on the safety measures such as a mask and gloves and then I say goodbye to my parents. I walk 15 minutes to get to the main street where the car picks us up to go to work.

When I arrive at the workshop, I must carry out the safety and hygiene measures, this is important to enter the office. I greet my colleagues and start to work.

During work hours, I like to do everything; such as: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, but mainly to make necklaces that contain achiras, because they are small seeds that give the necklace a special charm.

I also like the pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie that we have between us, we are always happy and we share many things, but above all we help each other so that the products are excellent. We are always aware that our work is of good quality.

When it is time to go home, the car picks us up and will leave us at the place that is now our stop. In the same way, I walk 15 minutes back home. Once I get home, I do all the security measures, and then have lunch.

In the afternoon, I start sewing Otavaleñas blouses, sometimes I help my mother around the house and at night we spend as a family. That is how my day ended.

The pandemic has affected us a lot, the truth is sad because due to this confinement, our work has decreased a lot. In addition, land mobilization is complicated and normal working time has been reduced, thus causing a drop in our income.

For my family it is sad, now there are limitations because financial resources have decreased, my parents do not have a job and I am the one who also contributes to the household expenses, but I know that this is one more test, that with effort and hope it is possible to get ahead.